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Mandatory Inspection

Applies to the following equipment:

  • Truck cranes
  • Cable lifts
  • Hook lifts
  • Tail lifts
  • Personel lifts
  • Manbaskets


Executive Order No. 1101 of lifting equipment and winches, No. 1109 on the use of technical aids.


Complete inspection must be done at least every 12 months and at change of ownership.

Inspection Report:

A copy of the inspection report must be kept at the equipment.


The End User must towards the authorities be able to prove that the overhaul is complete. There shall be a service manual for all types of the above mentioned equipment new or old.


The inspection must be performed by a qualified person (repairman/installer) who have special training courses for maintenance/overhaul/inspection.

Such checking scope:

Checking all vital parts (electrical system, steering, etc...) Repair and replacement parts with safety significance. After the overhaul/repair a load test has to be carried out with 125% load the equipment has to carry the load for 10 min. The test load shall be certified in the survey report.


There must always be sent notification to the Labour Inspectorate when reinstalling, major rebuilding or change of ownership.

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