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Cranes - Construction of trucks/vans - Hydraulics

Hymaco offers a wide range of services for transport and industry.

Importer of 2 crane brands Maxilift and Amco Veba.

Maxilift is stiff boom crane 0,5 to 5 TM. for small trucks and vans.

Amco Veba crane `s program goes from 3 to 85 TM. For larger and smaller trucks.

All our cranes are available with virtually any type of extra equipment.

Extra functions activated/not activated, hydraulic winches, radio controls, flyjib, grapple and rotators etc..

  • Service and maintenance on all crane brands.
  • Installation of cranes, winches and crane equipment.
  • Installation of radio remote control.
  • Large hydraulic storage with hydraulic hoses and fittings, including stainless steel.
  • Repair of cylinder and piston rods.
  • Servicing and repair of hydraulic power unit.
  • Skilled hydraulic experts.
  • Service vehicles that can come to you

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