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Tractor-, Bigbag crane

We have developed a crane solution to the tractor lift system.
Where you have the opportunity to lift with the bigbag crane the bigbags from the ground and to for instance your seed drill. Compatible with following brands: Vaderstad, Lemken, Horsch, Amazone, Kverneland e.g.

Crane specifications for Hymaco Kran ML380.4DH:

Hydraulic outreach: 5.79 meter.

630 kg.

Optional manuel extension outreach: 6.79 meter.

500 kg.

Weight standard:

830 kg.

Crane specifications for Hymaco Kran ML510.4DH:

Hydraulic outreach: 6.83 meter.

700 kg.

Weight standard:

1200 kg.

Below we have a video presentation, it shown how the crane solution operate.
The clip is filmed at Kløv Maskinstation.

Would you like to se more pictures from the bigbag crane solution, click the picture below.

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